iPhone Notes Story 02.11.16

Intoxication is no escape. None.
The storm blowing over the curling horizon gives no mind to your state of mind. It comes to obliterate, to subdue, to enslave.
It is man and machine and fire and evil and emotionless.
Pour out your addiction. Let the ground drink its spirits.
Stand. Plant your feet. Lean into the biting headwind. Take aim. Fire. Fire again. Again. Look into the soulless black of wild eyes. Aim for the slim bridge of skin between them. Breath. Take aim. Fire. Again.
The spinning world has witnessed billions who’ve come before. Billions more will come after. Those teeming billions will never know of your struggles, your tortured life before this moment. None will thank you for this moment.
Take aim. Fire. Inevitable is only time. Step forward, into the storm. Take aim.
The storm, it blinks. It hesitates. It considers its inevitability. It falters, hesitates. Fire.
The billions behind, those in your shadow, your wake, and those destined in the generations unrealized will follow. Step forward. Leave addiction, the fear that is intoxication, in those footprints.
The relentless storm rises, hovers, curls and caresses. You’ll bleed, suffer, eventually die.
But. Only time is inevitable. Death is timeless. Stand. Step forward.

iPhone Notes Story
LAS – TUL. 02.11.16

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iPhone Notes Story 01.19.16

Spreadsheet logic holds no sway in this violent equation.
The numbers in this game are not captured. Score is never kept. Plans footing to exotic formulas derived from evidence-based decisions miss the point entirely in this pointless exercise.
Death is the only formula; resulting from vicious input. Fists and grappling fingers and explosive knees and slicing elbows and ramming skulls are integers. Life, or what is left, is the remainder.
No governing principles in this mathematics structure. The balance sheet will never balance. Death is never equal to the life lived after taking another’s.
Pointless, meaningless, endless. Civilization and culture and rules and laws are distant, seemingly infinitely distant qualities.
Walking, limping, hobbling away from the vanquished is no reward. But still…
A nod of a bloody brow to the newly departed is acknowledgement of this ultimate reward. The pain ends just as the day leaves behind night and dark and end.

iPhone Notes Something
CLT- CHS 01.19.16

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iPhone Notes Story 01.18.16

Sparkly flashes, beautiful really. If they weren’t the explosive ends of dozens, hundreds of lives. Screams punctuated each death.
From this hillside vantage point he could only watch, merely play witness to this tragedy. He had done his part. He returned through miles of enemy lines and encampments with information vital to the immediate future of this cause.
Alas, the details, orders, strategy he obtained through incredibly vicious and violent means fell on the proverbial deaf ear. Screw proverbs, they were met with ignorance, foolhardy ignorance. And now, death.
He brought back secrets and codes and plans. But none were acted upon. It was as if his work, the sacrifice of half a dozen who did not make it back through the deadly gauntlet, was for nothing. The die for this deadly march was cast before he led a team into a viper’s nest.
He turned away from the battle. Wrong word; this was a slaughter. Many he knew and fought alongside would not return from this. The result of this catastrophe would be retreat, fleeing, defeat.
This war was never his. He fought it because of duty, honor. Now, he would fight for a new duty. He would fight to honor those lost to ignorance.
Tomorrow, he would declare a new war. Both sides would be deemed enemies. Both would pay with lives that need not die. Some, many of these soldiers will join him. This new war would be against the past, a past that holds today and freedom and the future in its wicked grasp.
He grabbed up his weapons and started down the hillside. This new war would start with a general’s death. He would die between his silk sheets before daybreak.

iPhone Notes Story
CLT – CHS 01.18.16

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Free Kindle download today – The Perfect Patriot

ThePerfectPatriotCoverpng Today is the last day to download your free Kindle copy of The Perfect Patriot, book 5 in the Lance Priest/Preacher series.

Lance travels to Oklahoma City in the days after the Oklahoma City Bombing and finds his way into mystery, intrigue, danger and death. He works to get back home to Marta and their baby, born  the same morning as the bombing. But the gravitational forces that pull him into the world of espionage won’t let go.

Download your free Kindle copy of The Perfect Patriot here.


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Celebrate the 4th: Free on Kindle this weekend – The Perfect Patriot

ThePerfectPatriotCoverpng The Perfect Patriot, book 5 in the Lance Priest/Preacher series, is free this weekend for Amazon Kindle.

This time, Lance takes the initiative to do what he can to find the perpetrators and maybe prevent more death and tragedy in the days after the April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing.

Lance does his usual – lying, tracking, infiltrating, killing. But this time, it’s personal.

Download your free Kindle copy here now through Tuesday July 5.

Thanks to all my readers. Love to hear from you and as always, the best way to support an author is to write a review for a book you’ve read.

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Screen Grab – The Perfect Patriot Chapter 12


Wyrick reached and picked up the photo to take a closer look at Lance, apparently captured outside of a store in Juarez by an overhead camera. Blurry, fuzzy, but him.

“One of mine?” Wyrick asked.

“I’ve got a real problem. Five Mexican drug cartels are lined up ready to declare war and kill dozens, hundreds. And it is almost totally because of what this man did in Juarez four months ago.” Orozco sat forward a bit for emphasis. “I’m told by several credible authorities that this individual is CIA, black ops, a spook. And I’m told he is one of yours.”

Not cool. No one should know any of that.

“And can I ask who told you this?” Wyrick looked up from the photo and asked. When he got no reply, he added, “Telling someone something like that would be highly illegal. If this gentlemen were an intelligence operative working under cover, releasing this information could get someone arrested and put away for a long time. That would likely be a breach of national security, if it occurred and if it had any element of truth to it.”

“And that would be a shame if someone gave a crap about a silly little law that has been broken numerous times over the years. No, I don’t think anyone would be too scared at all to release information about this individual if he turned out to be a CIA operative because in doing so, someone might just save a great number of lives.” Orozco wasn’t done. “But releasing information about this individual is not what is necessary to head off this impending tragedy. No, the deal requires that this individual be returned to Juarez and turned over to the Cartel. And then, and only then, will their declared war be called off. That’s why I’m here Wyrick.”

Excerpt from The Perfect Patriot – book 5 in the Lance Priest / Preacher series.

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The Perfect Candidate, first book in Lance Priest / Preacher Series, Free this Weekend


Want to say thanks and celebrate the release of The Perfect Patriot, the fifth book in the Lance Priest / Preacher Series.

This weekend, the first book in the series – The Perfect Candidate, is free on Kindle.

Hope you enjoy it.

#freekindlebook #meetlance

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