Spies and Lies Blog is dedicated to two great loves: espionage and lying. One is art, the other science. But which is which? Both are necessary, to an extent. Espionage for protection of nations and sovereignty. Lies to protect one’s self and others from the bitter truth that is life. Both are despised for their perceived use of the lowest of low-down dirty tactics. But nothing could be further from the truth. Espionage and lying can be quite honorable practices and professions. Trust me on this.

This blog is written and maintained by Christopher Metcalf, an Oklahoma-based writer. He is the author of the Lance Priest / Preacher spy-thriller novel series. Books in this series include:

Book I: The Perfect Candidate

Book II: The Perfect Weapon

Book III: The Perfect Angel

Book III.5: en el Medio – A Lance Priest / Preacher Episode


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