iPhone Notes Story 09/15/15

Pressure reaches maximum density and a release is sought, through any means.Within each moment an agreement is reached between gyrating atom and frozen molecule. Einstein always wins. Energy builds, caresses the fine edge to pluck away at that ultra fine particulate matter that works tirelessly to hold it all together.

It fails.

The lid made of heart and soul and bone and ache is lifted ever so slightly by the miraculous fountain of coalesced power that will not be denied its freedom.

A fist rises. Momentum is generated. Inertia accelerated via a perfectly evolved engine and delivery mechanism. Pressure release results in blunt force trauma. Momentum moves skin and bone while vitalist of organ is suspended within the moment only to be forced up against cranial cavern wall and then ricocheted in the opposite direction and opposing inner wall.

Damage done. Concussion renders organ temporarily inoperable. Any moment lost, no matter how microscopically small, puts the victim at a disadvantage. Timeless and endless and boundless rain down from a now perfect sky.

The end is always a gasp, an unrequited breath that travels forever across and over life’s horizons.

Until it builds again, the pressure. Life’s endless, timeless, boundless pressure.

iPhone Notes Story

DFW -PDX 09.15.15

About Christopher Metcalf - Author

Christopher Metcalf is the author of Lance Priest / Preacher novels. Lance "Preacher" Priest is a spy, a killer, a human chameleon. He is the CIA's perfect weapon who lives by one simple rule -- there are no rules. Spies and Lies is a blog dedicated to espionage, the art and science of lying and occasional creative writing. www.christophermetcalf.com
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