iPhone Notes Story 05/17/15

Perfume is designed to linger. Like a thought, a lasting sensation. The tiniest of particulate matter that comprised the delicate odor of her perfume had implanted itself into his brain long ago.He knew that her genetics and a vast array of microorganisms alive and dancing upon her delightful skin contributed to her unique aroma.

Smelling it now, thousands of miles and what felt like the same number of years later, he stopped, just stopped.

Momentarily frozen.

All other senses bowed to smell. This olfactory moment was all encompassing, universal in its mass.

With eyes closed, ears buzzing, hands in pockets and lips pursed, his nostrils flared ahead of the deep inhalation. 

Of the five, smell is the most powerful. This scientific fact was proven true as he was transported in an instant to thousand of miles away and decades ago. 

He watched again in tortured horror as she, a killer without equal and without even a modicum of mercy, ended the life of his father before his eyes. Her only mistakes were not placing another bullet through the skull of the boy cowering in the corner and wearing that perfume. 

Visible memories fade. Ears forget what they’ve heard. Taste withers. Fingers quickly forget the feel.

But smell remains intact for a lifetime; imprinted upon the wrinkled surface and deep within the folds and recesses of the mind.

He opened his eyes and stepped sideways to a doorway. From a holster on his back he retrieved his weapon.

With each sense firing in perfect pitch technicolor brilliance, he crouched, spun and raced along the wall toward the source of that ultra unique and intimate smell of death.

He was who he was because of that perfume’s life-long linger.

iPhone Notes Story 05.17.15



About Christopher Metcalf - Author

Christopher Metcalf is the author of Lance Priest / Preacher novels. Lance "Preacher" Priest is a spy, a killer, a human chameleon. He is the CIA's perfect weapon who lives by one simple rule -- there are no rules. Spies and Lies is a blog dedicated to espionage, the art and science of lying and occasional creative writing. www.christophermetcalf.com
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