Let me get this straight, staff members of the Senate Intelligence Committee stole documents from the CIA?

Talk about intrigue. This story is amazing.

Senate Intelligence Committee staffers, went to a secret undisclosed location, used CIA computers and then printed off and absconded with information about the CIA’s terrorist interrogation program.

Man —

U.S. officials said the network set up under Panetta included three distinct areas, each sealed off by a firewall — one accessible only to the committee, one exclusively for the CIA, and a shared space in the center where the agency could put records it wanted to share.

“The firewall was breached,” said a U.S. official briefed on the matter. “They figured out a work-around.”

If true, that would represent an embarrassing lapse in security in the computer system assembled by the agency.

Again, Senate staff members basically hacked a CIA computer database like a team of well-organized spies to obtain incredible valuable and potentially damaging information. And evidently, all this evidence is now sitting in a safe in the Hart Senate Office Building. Amazing.


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Christopher Metcalf is the author of Lance Priest / Preacher novels. Lance "Preacher" Priest is a spy, a killer, a human chameleon. He is the CIA's perfect weapon who lives by one simple rule -- there are no rules. Spies and Lies is a blog dedicated to espionage, the art and science of lying and occasional creative writing. www.christophermetcalf.com
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