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Spying on US Patrols from the Mountaintops

They take positions on high mountain ridges and watch the patrols moving about on valley floors and off into the distance. They use high-powered binoculars to gather basic intel on the Americans. How many, where, which direction they are heading, how … Continue reading

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Instead of Clicking the “Like” Button on Facebook, Click the “Spy” Button

Spying takes place everywhere. It happens in hotels, on street corners, in libraries, in newsrooms, in universities and on social media. Yes, social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are populated with hundreds of millions of users. Not surprisingly, many of these … Continue reading

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Best Buy’s Worst Lie — Interesting Spread of a Single, Unconfirmed Incident of Deception

A simple entry of “best/worst lies ever told” in the Google search field will return approximately 13 million results in less than a second.  A number of lists have been created by sites that make a habit out of making … Continue reading

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